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08 Mar 2019

Commission receives 54 applications for European Universities Initiative

The first pilot call under the European Universities Initiative has resulted in applications from 54 alliances, involving more than 300 higher education institutions from 31 European countries including all EU Member States. The institutions include comprehensive and research-based universities, universities of applied sciences, technical universities, as well as art and medical schools. Around 80% of the proposed alliances have between five and eight partners, creating educational bridges across Europe, and ensuring broad geographical coverage. 

The budget for this first pilot within the Erasmus+ programme is €60 million. The first 12 European Universities should be selected by summer 2019. A second pilot call is set to follow later this year, with a full roll out of the initiative envisaged under the future Erasmus programme as of 2021. The aim is to build at least twenty European Universities by 2024 in the context of the European Education Area.

European Universities Initiative


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