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06 Mar 2019

Fact Sheet outlines Mutual Learning Exercise on Research Integrity

The European Commission's Policy Support Facility has published a fact sheet outlining the Mutual Learning Exercise (MLE) on Research Integrity on its Research and Innovation Observatory (RIO) website. The objective of the MLE is to support Member States in designing, implementing and/or evaluating different policy instruments in relation to incentives, dialogue/ communication, training, and processes and structures in the field of research integrity.

The MLE will focus on four priority topics:

  • Processes and structures put in place at national level for the governance of research integrity
  • Positive incentives for institutions and researchers to create a wide-spread culture of research integrity
  • Promotion of dialogue within and among relevant institutions and the communication with the public
  • Training on research integrity, including types of training, tools and target groups.

These four priority areas will be analysed from three different perspectives: institutional, national, and cross-border levels. A total of 14 countries participate in the MLE: Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Moldova, Norway, Spain, and Sweden.

The MLE was kicked off in November 2018 and is due to be completed in September 2019.

To download the Fact Sheet from the RIO website, click here.

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