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20 Feb 2019

EC takes stock of no-deal Brexit contingency legislation

The European Commission (EC) has today presented progress made so far in preparing legislation for a possible "no-deal" Brexit. To date, the Commission has tabled 19 legislative proposals, 7 of which have been adopted or agreed by the European Parliament (EP) and the Council. 12 proposals are still to be finalised by the co-legislators, and are advancing well, according to the EC. In addition, the EC has also adopted several non-legislative acts, including 10 Delegated Acts, 6 Implementing Acts, and 3 Commission Decisions.

The EC emphasises again that all these contingency measures will not – and cannot – mitigate the overall impact of a "no-deal" scenario or replicate the full benefits of EU membership or the terms of any transition period as provided for in the Withdrawal Agreement. The measures proposed or already agreed are temporary in nature, limited in scope and have not been negotiated with the UK, but will be adopted unilaterally by the EU.

The Commission has published 88 preparedness notices, along with 3 detailed Brexit Preparedness Communications, in order to proactively inform the public about the importance of preparing for a “no-deal” Brexit, amongst other measures, also including visits by EC representatives to all EU27 Member States. The Commission says that these visits so far have shown a high degree of preparation by Member States for all scenarios.

For more information:

EC - press release

EC contingency and preparedness work information website

To download the texts of the contingency legislation measures, click here.

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