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20 Feb 2019

Competitiveness Council discusses missions and partnerships and EIC

At the Council Competitiveness on 19 February 2019, Research Ministers discussed once more the list of possible areas for missions and institutionalised partnerships in Horizon Europe. Ministers agreed that the list should be finalised as soon as possible in order to start the necessary preparations, e.g. establishing the mission boards and conducting the impact assessments for the partnerships.  

In a debate on the European Innovation Council (EIC), Ministers stressed the necessity of synergies and complementarities of the EIC with other relevant programmes and institutions (e.g. InvestEU). Other items on the ministers' agenda were an exchange of views on the progress report of the Specific Programme Implementing Horizon Europe, and information from the Romanian Council Presidency on the state of play concerning the Horizon Europe Package (Framework Programme and its rules for participation and dissemination) and the trilogue negotiations with the European Parliament (EP), as well as ITER.

For the agenda and documents of the Competitiveness Council (Research) meeting, click here.


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