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15 Feb 2019

EC launches new service providing IP advice to universities and research organisations

photo credit: EC

The European Commission (EC) has recently launched a new service to provide specialised, professional IP advice to European universities and public research organisations. Through the so-called "IP Booster", IP, technology and business strategy experts examine the institutions' research and provide advice on how to develop the best intellectual property strategies for the organisation in question, including determining what type and what amount of IP protection is required; designing a patent landscape to clearly identify the best commercialisation pathways for the research project in question; conducting a thorough due diligence assessing the quantity and quality of IP assets generated by the project and estimating their future value; and preparing patent, design and trademark applications for the project; and offering advice and support in negotiating technology transfer agreements.

For more information:

EC Funding and Tender Opportunities Portal - News

IP Booster flyer

IP Booster website


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