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13 Feb 2019

LERU releases recommendations for implementation of Plan S

LERU, the League of European Research Universities, regards Plan S, produced jointly by the European Commission and Science Europe, as an important statement on how the future of scholarly publishing can develop, and as the necessary kick for  Open Access maintain momentum. The association has consulted its members on the implications of Plan S for their institutions and found that all members fully support the move to OA and all are keen to play their part and to work with Plan S supporters to make the principles of the Plan work for their institutions and researchers.

LERU members have drawn up a list of 10 Recommendations to support the implementation of Plan S. These cover a broad range of issues, such as for instance lengthening the challenging timescales of Plan S, engaging the support of countries such as China or North America, including new publishing platforms and/or Green Open Access repositories, requirements for publishing formats, providing clarity on how the funding agencies behind Plan S will judge the quality of  research project applications and of researchers, or clarity on the impact that Plan S will have on career progression, particularly for Early Career Researchers.

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