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12 Feb 2019

EUA issues response to Plan S consultation

The European Universities Association (EUA) has presented a comprehensive response to the “Plan S” consultation launched by Science Europe. EUA has a special interest in Plan S as it complements the Association’s efforts on Open Access to scholarly publications.

While fully supporting Plan S, and in order to bring about systemic changes to the scholarly publishing system, EUA stresses that the effective implementation of Plan S requires further efforts from Coalition S and more collaboration with stakeholders such as universities.

EUA welcomes the publication and feedback process on the Implementation Guidance. It offers an opportunity for further dialogue before the implementation in the funding programmes of Coalition S. EUA also acknowledges concerns expressed by researchers and research institutions, for instance on the impact on research assessment or potentially increasing publication costs, for which Plan S needs to provide answers.

EUA continues to offer a platform for dialogue for the implementation of Plan S and highly appreciates the regular interactions between the EUA Council, Science Europe, and Coalition S. In general, EUA supports the principles of Plan S while recommending flexibility in approaches to their implementation. This is to ensure compatibility with national or institutional policies and diversity of needs in different disciplinary practices.

EUA recommends that specific provision of the principles, explanations in the Implementation Guidance and default requirements should be further explained and, where necessary, be modified.

Turning principles into practice - EUA’s response to the Plan S Implementation Guidance



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