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30 Jan 2019

EC presents reflection paper on a more sustainable Europe by 2030

The European Commission (EC) has published a "Reflection Paper on a Sustainable Europe by 2030" today. The paper is part of the debate on the future of Europe, launched with the Commission's White Paper of 1 March 2017. It is also part of the EU's commitment to deliver on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including on the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. The paper reviews the breadth of challenges for Europe and presents scenarios for the future. It provides guidance for the discussion on how the SDGs can be best achieved and how the European Union can best contribute by 2030. Building on what has been achieved in recent years, these scenarios highlight that further action is needed if the EU and the world are to secure a sustainable future in the interest of citizens' well-being.

For more information:

EC press release

EC Factsheet

Reflection Paper on a Sustainable Europe by 2030

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