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28 Jan 2019

EARTO paper looks at role of RTOs in emerging technologies for healthcare in new EU programmes

The Working Group Emerging Technologies of EARTO, the European Organisation of Research and Technology Organisations, has presented a paper with policy recommendations for the future of healthcare research policies in view of the preparation of Horizon Europe as well as the EU Digital Europe Programme. The paper was published on 25 January 2019 and makes the following four main recommendations:

  1. Maturation of health technologies (from research to proof of concept ready for clinical studies) is a risky process: special incentives for RTOs to accelerate market access should be organised.
  2. Support KETs (Key Enabling Technologies) projects and infrastructures to answer to the needs of innovative medtech SMEs.
  3. Digital Europe initiatives for Healthcare should focus on security/reliability/availability of medical data.
  4. Connecting Innovation Regional Hubs in health technologies would increase RTOs impact.

The EARTO paper includes a detailed analysis of these recommendations

For more information:

EARTO - News

EARTO paper: Accelerating the Digitization and Market Access of Emerging Technologies for Healthcare - The Pivotal Role of RTOs


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