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29 Nov 2018

CESAER publishes universities of technology's key messages on EU funding 2021-2017

On 29 November 2018, the universities of science and technology united within CESAER have published "Key Messages on the Next Generation of EU Funding Instruments from 2021 to 2027", stating their position on Horizon Europe, the next Erasmus programme and the European Defence Programme. In their input paper, they call upon the European institutions to ensure these programmes achieve their maximum impact by implementing the following overall recommendations:

  • Aligning EU funding programmes with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG)
  • Promoting and safeguarding attractiveness for Third Countries
  • Providing more funding for research, innovation and education
  • Ensuring simplification, complementarity and synergies between instruments
  • Applying one set of rules for education and training.

Their specific recommendations for Horizon Europe are the following:

  • Excellence should remain the guiding criterion for the selection of projects
  • Ensuring sufficient Budget for Priority 1 "Excellent and Open Science"
  • Implementing Fast Track to Research and Innovation Actions (RIA)
  • Adequate funding allocation within European Innovation Council (EIC).

For more information:

Key Messages on the Next Generation of EU Funding Instruments from 2021 to 2027


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