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05 Nov 2018

Call for applications open for Quantum Technology Flagship’s Strategic Advisory Board

The European Commission is calling for applications for industrial, research and technology member organisations wishing to join the Quantum Technology Flagship’s Strategic Advisory Board.

The Strategic Advisory Board for the Quantum Technology Flagship has been set by the European Commission to provide advice for strategic decision-making to the Quantum Technology (QT) the Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) Flagship, with a long-term impact across the whole initiative. This group will be in charge of preparing and updating the Strategic Research Agenda whilst monitoring the Flagship’s progress in research, and will report regularly to the FET Board of Funders.

The group will consist of nine organisations: six from the industry sector and three from a research and technology organisation. It will also be complemented by six independent academic experts. Group members will be appointed for a two-year period, each of whom will meet two to four times per year and act upon request of the Chairperson.

The call is open until 15 November 2018. More details can be found here.



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