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29 Oct 2018

EU commits to investing € 300 million for clean, healthy and safe oceans

At the 5th Our Ocean conference starting in Bali, Indonesia, today, the EU is making 23 new commitments for clean, healthy and safe oceans. €300 million of EU-funded initiatives have been announced, including projects to tackle plastic pollution, make blue economy more sustainable and improve research and marine surveillance. The 23 new commitments address the blue economy, climate change impacts, marine pollution, marine protection, and sustainable fisheries. The commitments include €100 million for R&D projects to tackle plastic pollution and €82 million for marine and maritime research, such as ecosystem assessments, seafloor mapping and innovative aquaculture systems. The new EU action also includes a €18.4 million investment to make the European blue economy – the economic sectors that rely on the ocean and its resources – more sustainable. The EU's Earth observation programme Copernicus will contribute €12.9 million for maritime security and for research dedicated to coastal environmental services.

For more information:

EC press release

The EU's 23 new commitments

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