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23 Oct 2018

Summary Report of Mutual Learning Exercise Widening Participation and Strengthening Synergies available

This report summarises the results of work performed during the course of a Mutual Learning Exercise (MLE) on "Widening Participation and  Strengthening Synergies". This was conducted under the auspices of the Policy Support Facility set up to support countries in reforming their R&I systems.

Lessons drawn for "Widening" are as follows: Attracting Qualified Staff, Encouraging Science-Business Cooperation, Improving Networking via Participation in EU-level Initiatives and Rectifying Information, Communication and Skills Deficits. As lessons for Synergies, the authors propose to prioritise efforts to realise ESIF-H2020 synergies, to facilitate these efforts, adopt a common conceptual framework that distinguishes between dynamic synergies (ESIF-H2020 synergies that can be expected to occur on a consistent, systemic, longterm basis within "joined-up" governance environments) and strategic synergies (ESIF-H2020 synergies that result from policy alignment and the creation of shared strategic frameworks).

The report can be downloaded from the RIO website.

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