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12 Oct 2018

CESAER presents White Paper on role of S&T universities in innovation ecosystems

CESAER, the Conference of European Schools for Advanced Engineering Education and Research, has published a paper which describes universities as crucial players of regional innovation ecosystems. It highlights an open and collaborative leadership role of universities that goes beyond the more passive “Third Mission” and envisages a new thinking called “Mission 3.1”.

The role of universities of S&T is described in five key dimensions:

1. mission-oriented and innovation leaders
2. innovation system integrators
3. engines of innovation
4. source of entrepreneurship and innovation skills
5. pillars of global open science.

The white paper includes case studies from nine universities of S&T across Europe, illustrating their role in innovation ecosystems and providing concrete examples that underpin each of the key messages presented. It also includes recommendations for funders and policymakers at regional, national and European level, as well as for universities themselves.

White Paper The role of universities of science and technology in innovation ecosystems: towards Mission 3.1


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