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02 Oct 2018

7 Universities in Central Europe speak out in favour of excellence principle in Horizon Europe

A group of seven universities in central Europe (CE7) have spoken out explicitly against an amendment to the Horizon Europe proposal that aims to bridge the west to east innovation gap through regional quotas, urging the European Parliament to keep excellence as the main funding allocation criterion.

The amendment had been submitted by Romanian MEP Dan Nica, one of the two European Parliament Rapporteurs and draftsmen for the Horizon Europe proposal. He had called for the research programme to ensure “the effective reduction of the R&D and innovation divide by 50 percent within the Union and promote broad geographical coverage in collaborative projects.”

LERU, the League of European Research Universities, is the organisation steering the CE7 group (see LERU News).

The issue is covered in depth in the Science|Business article: Leading research universities in central Europe reject geographic funds allocation in Horizon Europe



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