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25 Sep 2018

EUA makes recommendations for simpler funding from Horizon Europe

The European University Association (EUA) has published a series of recommendations regarding Horizon Europe, the next Research Framework Programme, in order to provide for simpler funding from the programme.

The EUA states that simpler management of EU funding has long been associated with the call for a single set of rules for all beneficiaries of EU programmes. However, such a set of rules would fail to acknowledge the participants’ diverse profiles. The universities find that these could be better met through the provision of several options to accommodate different needs, including a framework for improving the acceptance of beneficiaries’ accounting and management practices. EUA provides a report on university accounting practices, featuring practical information on accounting practices applied to the management of nationally funded research projects from 12 different countries. These are compared to current Horizon 2020 rules to explore possibilities for a better alignment of practices between the EU and those at national level.

The association calls for a trust-based approach that can support greater alignment between European, national and regional programmes in the next generation EU programmes. In order to achieve this, the data gathered in the compendium have been summarised in concrete strategic and practical recommendations addressed to EU policy makers.

For more information:

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Report: Accepting University Accounting Practices under Horizon Europe - A compendium of national and institutional cases

Accepting University Accounting Practices under Horizon Europe - Strategic and practical recommendations

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