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05 Sep 2018

University associations react to EP draft reports on Horizon Europe

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Two university associations have reacted to the European Parliament's draft reports on Horizon Europe by MEPs Dan Nica and Christian Ehler. The two draft reports by the two MEPs outline the positions the EP is likely to adopt in the course of the Horizon Europe negotiations. 

The Guild fully supports the MEPs calls for a budget of at least €120bn. The association stresses in particular the importance of increasing the next Framework Programme's budget shares for the ERC and for the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions. The Guild furthermore reiterates that Horizon Europe’s activities should be based on scientific excellence, in order to maintain the programme’s high standards and reputation. Other principles emphasised in the Guild's response to the draft reports are the following:

  • Fostering fundamental research across the three pillars and strengthening the role of academia,
  • Safeguarding support for social sciences and humanities (SSH) research,
  • Sharing excellence without compromising the core principles of the programme,
  • Fostering international collaboration and strengthening the European Research Area.

LERU, the League of European Research Universities, has on its part published a detailed analysis of the EP's draft reports, in which the association comments on many of the amendments proposed by Mr. Nica and Mr. Ehler. In general LERU also welcomes the draft reports as a very good basis for the European Parliament’s position on the Specific Programme for Horizon Europe and refers to its earlier comments made in a statement called "10 LERU key messages for Horizon Europe" at the end of July. LERU welcomes the increase of the budget proposed by the MEPs to 120 billion euro, but says that "even more is critical". In its two new documents, LERU provides more detailed feedback on the draft reports.

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