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13 Jul 2018

BOHEMIA project report looks at new perspectives for future EU R&I policy

map of Europe (outline)

The BOHEMIA project published its final report on 12 July 2018. „Beyond the Horizon: Foresight in Support of the Preparation of the European Union's Future Policy in Research and Innovation“ - as is the full project title - looked at a number of questions regarding the future of European research and innovation (R&I) policy. The focus of the project was on societal developments up to 2040, global challenges and influences on our lives and what European research can contribute to dealing with these developments. The outcome of the project should feed into the next EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, Horizon Europe.

The project was commissioned by the European Commission (EC). The project consortium included the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), the German Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research, ISINNOVA from Italy, and Institutul de Prospectiva from Romania. Based on indications of future global challenges as well as research and innovation potential up to 2035-2040 and future global challenges and research and innovation potential, the consortium deduced key fields of action for research and innovation policy. In addition to 19 future scenarios to be aimed at, with disruptive effects, the team also deduced priority directions for European research and innovation, as a basis for future research policy decisions.

For more information:

AIT - News (in German)

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