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12 Jul 2018

Council agrees position on 2019 EU budget

The Council of the European Union agreed on its position on the 2019 draft budget of the European Union at the EU ambassadors' meeting on 11 July 2018. The 2019 budget will still have to be negotiated with the European Parliament.

In total, the Council foresees €164.1 billion in commitments and €148.2 billion in payments for next year’s budget. Compared to 2018, this is a +2.09% increase in commitments and +2.34% increase in payments. Amongst other issues, the Council is in favour of increased support for key EU programmes in the areas of research and innovation, youth exchanges and targeted infrastructure investments. This means that according to the Council position, Horizon 2020 would receive +5.79% (€11.9 billion), Erasmus+ programme +10.37% (€2.6 billion) and the Connecting Europe Facility +26.46% (€3.5 billion) compared to 2018.

The Council's position will be formally adopted in early September. This will then serve as a mandate for the Austrian presidency to negotiate the 2019 EU budget with the European Parliament. 

For more information:

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