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11 Jul 2018

Austria joins PRACE supercomputing network

As of today, 11 July, 2018, Austria is a member of the European supercomputing network Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe" (PRACE). This membership enables scientists in Austria to access high-performance computers all over Europe, in particular in climate research, astrophysics, material sciences, energy and life sciences.

PRACE is a step towards the EURO-HPC (the European "high-performance computing power" network), due to be launched in 2020. Its objective is to operate an even more powerful high-performance computer, in order to be able to compete with the US and Asia. Austria is formally a member of PRACE via ACOnet, the Austrian Academic Computer Network. Members of ACOnet are universities, universities of applied sciences, federal ministries and numerous other organisations. 

The super-computing infrastructure network PRACE has its headquaters in Brussels and was founded in 2011. It enables cutting-edge research and includes six training centres to enable young scientists to use the high-performance computers.

For more information:

Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research - press release (in German)


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