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02 Jul 2018

PSF provides recommendations for overhaul of Georgia's innovation system

The European Commission's Policy Support Facility (PSF) has published a summary article with recommendations for an overhaul of Georgia's innovation system. The article is published on the Research and Innovation Observatory (RIO) website.

Despite solid economic development and a strong report card from the World Bank, Georgia faces a serious challenge as it looks for ways to improve its research and innovation performance. The Georgian Government turned to the PSF to draw up a list of recommendations for revamping its science, technology and innovation system. International experts set out recommendations in particular regarding the following "overarching problems" in the system:

  • the low level of research and innovation (R&I) funding, and general uncertainty surrounding funding streams
  • how research is organised (fragmentation) and the need for better integration
  • the need to improve the national R&I system’s governance

The 4Cs behind Georgia’s innovation system overhaul


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