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25 Jun 2018

EC and IOM launch Big Data for Migration Alliance

The European Commission (EC) and the United Nations' International Orgamisation for Migration (IOM) have launched the Big Data for Migration Alliance (BD4M), a global initiative to unlock the potential of big data sources and provide insights related to migration. The alliance is jointly convened by the EC`s Knowledge Centre on Migration and Demography and the Global Migration Data Analysis Centre (GMDAC) of the IOM. Relevant partners from the scientific, policy and business communities will be identified for specific activities as the work progresses. BD4M was presented at a launch event on 25 June 2018.

Working with traditional statistics is one of the main challenges to effective migration policies, as census data can often be outdated. Social media platforms and other new, innovative sources can provide up to date, dynamic information on migration and mobility trends and statistics. Scientists call these insights mobility 'nowcasts', and they can help policymakers keep a grip on the issues as they develop. BD4M is the first dedicated network of stakeholders seeking to tap into this potential. The alliance aims to address challenges ranging from access and analytical difficulties to privacy and security risks.

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