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25 Jun 2018

EUA Open Letter calls for increasing investment in EU research, innovation and education programmes

In the run-up to the European Council on 28-29 June 2018, the European University Association (EUA) has addressed an Open Letter to the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, calling for more investment in European research, innovation and education programmes.

In its letter, EUA stresses the the positive impact of European support on research, innovation and education and states that it is first and foremost an investment in people, in particular, Europe’s youth. This joint investment is an essential contribution to tackling global challenges and reach shared objectives of competitive innovation, sustainable economic growth, job creation, environmental protection and social inclusion. In addition, EUA points out that joint investment in research, innovation and education creates synergies, economies of scale and a very high return. The current Horizon 2020 and Erasmus+ programmes are unique in that they reinforce European awareness and identity through transnational collaboration and mobility. However, EUA states that Europe still has not closed the investment gap with the US and China, and that European research funding fails to support up to 75% of the excellent ideas that are brought forward, due to lack of funds. EUA therefore again calls for a doubling of EU spending on research and innovation to €160 billion for Horizon Europe as well as for further increasing funding for the next Erasmus+ programme.

The Open Letter is signed by Rolf Tarrach, EUA President, on behalf of the EUA Board and over 800 member universities.

For more information:

EUA - Open Letter



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