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06 Jun 2018

EC publishes proposals for InvestEU, Digital Europe, Connecting Europe Facility and Space programme

The European Commission (EC) has published today its proposals for the new InvestEU and Digital Europe programmes, the Connecting Europe Facility and the EU Space programme.

The EC proposes the creation of the new InvestEU Programme within the next Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF), in order to bring EU budget financing in the form of loans and guarantees under one roof. InvestEU will integratethe a number of different financial programmes currently available and will expand the Juncker Plan. With InvestEU, the EC intends to further boost job creation, investment and innovation in Europe. The new programme will consist of the InvestEU Fund, the InvestEU Advisory Hub and the InvestEU Portal. 

The new Digital Europe programme proposed by the EC should have a budget of €9.2 billion to align the next long-term EU budget 2021-2027 with increasing digital challenges. According to the EC, the Digital Single Market strategy has established a regulatory framework that is fit for the digital age, and now needs to be matched with equally ambitious funding and investments in the Digital Europe programme for increasing EU's international competitiveness as well as developing and reinforcing Europe's strategic digital capacities. These key capacities concern high-performance computing, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and advanced digital skills and ensuring their wide use and accessibility across the economy and society by businesses and the public sector. 

The Commission is also proposing to renew the 'Connecting Europe Facility', with a budget of €42.3 billion to support investments in the infrastructure networks for transport (€30.6 billion), energy (€8.7 billion) and digital (€3 billion).  60% of the budget should contribute to climate objectives.

The new EU Space programme proposed by the Commission should have a budget €16 billion and should help to maintain and further enhance the EU's role in space technology, data and services. The new programme builds on successes such as Galileo and EGNOS in satellite navigation, Copernicus in Earth observation and will develop new security components. It will invest more in space activities, adapting to new needs and technologies to foster a strong and innovative space industry.

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