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05 Jun 2018

CESAER statement calls for safeguarding collaboration with UK after BREXIT

CESAER, the Conference of European Schools for Advanced Engineering Education and Research, has published a statement in which it calls on the European Union (EU) and the United Kingdom (UK) to safeguard collaboration in research, education and innovation after the UK leaves the EU. In its statement, CESAER urges the UK and the EU "to prioritise the safeguarding of a collaborative relationship through association of the UK to the whole of Horizon Europe and of the successor of Erasmus+ after Brexit".

In its statement, the association points out that given the world class research record of UK universities, they are critical partners in addressing global challenges such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals or the Paris Climate Accord. CESAER therefore welcomes British Prime Minister May's calling for a "far-reaching pact" between the UK and the EU on science and innovation. The statement also points out that "the post-Brexit immigration system must allow for scientists and students to work and study freely throughout the UK and the EU". As there is no indication as yet as to the future role of the UK in the Framework Programme nor on the post-Brexit immigration system, CESAER calls for finding a solution "which enables deep and long-lasting collaboration after the UK leaves the EU."

CESAER Brexit Statement

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