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28 May 2018

MLE on Widening Participation and Strengthening Synergies publishes report on improving networking

The Mutual Learning Exercise (MLE) on Widening Participation and Strengthening Synergies has published its third Topic Report "Improving Networking through participation in EU level initiatives" on the Research and Innovation Observatory (RIO) website. The report reflects the results achieved in a workshop organised under the MLE devoted to widening participation to the Framework Programme (FP) and enhancing synergies between the FP and the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF).

The focus of this report is on strategies, innovative mechanisms and schemes developed at national or regional level and aiming at improving networking through participation in a wide variety of EU-level initiatives, in order to reinforce capacities to participate in the EU FP. The report provides a landscape of existing initiatives, and identifies lessons learned through exchanges of experience with respect to national strategies for participating in EU networks and programmes, as well as lessons for specific EU-level networks.

MLE on National Practices in Widening Participation and Strengthening Synergies Topic Report 3: Improving networking through participation in EU-level initiatives

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