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24 May 2018

UK presents its ideas on future science pact with the EU

On 23 May 2018, the United Kindgom (UK) published a paper presenting the British government's ideas on a future science pact with the EU, following BREXIT.

Referring to the recent speech by Prime Minister May, in which she set out a clear position for science, research and innovation linked to the UK's ambition for market access in the future economic partnership, and referring to the bilateral science and technology agreements the EU has concluded with 20 countries around the world, the UK government states that it "wants Europe to maintain its world-leading role in science and innovation, and is committed to a far-reaching Science and Innovation Pact with the EU". For this pact, the UK says, there will need to be structured dialogue between the UK and the EU. The pact would "need to manage access to programmes and infrastructure, underpinned by wider agreements and arrangements on issues including data sharing and protection, researcher mobility and intellectual property".

With regard to the Research Framework Programme, the UK states it "would like to discuss the option of full association to Horizon Europe", with discussions focussing around structure, influence and contribution. The UK would also respect the remit of the Court of Justice of the EU, "where relevant, where we participate in EU programmes". The UK would also like to explore a close association to Euratom Research and Training based on the Swiss precedent, and to continue to host and support European Research Infrastructures.

Underlining its support for the key principles that underpin EU science and innovation, the UK states that the Science and Innovation Pact should be a core part of the future UK-EU partnership, and should be "anchored by a combination of political and legal agreements".  

Framework for the UK-EU partnership: Science, research and innovation

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