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23 May 2018

Group of Scientific Advisors Opinion examines carbon capture and utilisation

The European Commission's Group of Scientific Advisors has issued its fourth Sscientific Opinion. The current Opinion deals with carbon capture and utilisation technologies and how they can contribute to mitigating climate change. The opinion also looks at how we can choose into which of these technologies to invest.

Carbon capture and utilisation (CCU) technologies remove CO2 from the atmosphere and use energy to convert it into various useful products such as fuel, building materials or plastics. But at present, there are no accurate methods to determine the climate mitigation potential of these technologies. This has hindered investment and thus their deployment.

The Opinion was drafted at the request of Miguel Arias Cañete, Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy. The Scientific Advisors recommend:

  • The development of a rigorous cross-sectorial and systemic methodology that includes a simplified Life Cycle Assessment to enable the calculation of the climate mitigation potential of various CCU technologies. This should be rolled out beyond the EU, for example through the UN’s Framework Convention on Climate Change.
  • The development and agreement of funding criteria for candidate CCU projects, requiring them to be feasible and green, to be superior to existing alternatives, to demonstrate additional benefits beyond climate mitigation, and to be ready to integrate with existing systems.
  • That the EC develops a regulatory and investment framework to enable CCU deployment.

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