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23 May 2018

EUA proposes broad design for EIC

The European University Association (EUA) has issued a statement on the European Innovation Council (EIC) that is to be part of "Horizon Europe", the next EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.

According to the EUA statement, the EIC’s main mission in Horizon Europe should be the enhancement of Europe’s societal welfare and competitiveness through research-based knowledge. This will help create jobs with high added-value through driving innovation in its broadest sense. The EIC It should be open to beneficiaries from all sectors and should consider the strong relation between investment in innovation deriving from research, investment in the development of highly-skilled human talent and the resulting economic and social innovation. Education and training should be an integral part of European innovation policies.

The EUA highlights four key elements that it says will be necessary in securing the success of the EIC, namely its role in 1) reaching the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals; 2) educating and training the next generation of entrepreneurs and highly-skilled citizens; 3) increasing the number of start-ups and spin-offs at universities; 4) exploring innovative and responsible monitoring mechanisms. The EUA also makes several recommendations on the functioning and funding of the EIC and underlines the importance of establishing a clear relationship between the EIC and the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).

For more information:

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