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22 May 2018

EIT is looking for evaluators and reviewers

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) is continuously looking for external expertise to evaluate, monitor and review the EIT innovation model and the Innovation Communities.

The EIT typically seeks experts with experience in working with business, education or research organisations or with experience integrating business, education and research activities (‘Knowledge Triangle Integration’).

Knowledge Triangle Integration experts and experts on a particular aspect of the EIT innovation model:*

  • Education
  • Business Creation
  • Research-driven Innovation
  • Innovation Management
  • Regional Innovation Capacity
  • Financial Sustainability   

Experts with experience in the thematic field covered by the Innovation Communities:*

*Combined expertise may be required.


  • Proposals to select new Innovation Communities
  • Annual plans and reports of existing Innovation Communities
  • Applications for EIT-labelled education programmes
  • Innovation model and Innovation Community governance
  • Portfolio of activities including outreach
  • Financial sustainability strategy and its implementation
  • Nominees’ final pitches and submitted documentation for the annual EIT Awards

For more information:

EIT - News

Applications can be submitted here

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