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18 May 2018

EUA calls for openness multidisciplinarity and ethical standards for AI

The European University Association (EUA) has reacted in a statement to the recent publication of the European Commission's (EC's) publication of its Communication on "Artificial Intelligence for Europe". EUA states that Artificial intelligence (AI) is a big topic in European and national politics, and an area in which universities must contribute with their unique qualities.

EUA points out that the EC's Communication attempts to develop a coordinated approach at EU level to catch up with developments in the US and China to make Europe a frontrunner in this technological revolution. The Communication focuses on three key elements: boosting European competitiveness, preparing for socio-economic changes and developing an appropriate legal and ethical framework. The Communication also provides a number of actions, such as the revision of relevant regulation, further investment in AI research and the development of ethical guidelines for AI. The first step will be to bring together relevant stakeholders in a so-called European AI Alliance which will be involved in the development of ethical standards.In its statement, EUA underlines how universities can contribute to develop AI for the benefit of society through multidisciplinarity and the close connection between research and education, and states that it will contribute actively to the process.

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EUA statement: Artificial intelligence: EUA calls for openness, multidisciplinarity and ethical standards


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