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17 May 2018

CoR calls for new "Smart Specialisation 2.0" for innovation and growth

The European Committee of the Regions (CoR) calls on the European Commission (EC) to consider cities' and regions' Smart Specialisation Strategies more strongly as "catalysts for innovation policy and growth", saying they are an "important factor in the success of EU's cohesion policy in the next budget period". According to the CoR, the EC should enhance this approach further by initiating a "phase 2.0 of smart specialisation", based on developing a "regional discovery process" in which regions pool their strategies. Future smart specialisation strategies should be based on interregional strategic cooperation, with the double objective of generating synergies between regional innovation and development policies, and financial instruments, and of avoiding duplication. The concept of Smart Specialisation should also be better incorporated in the next Research Framework Programme.

For more information:

CoR - press release

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