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11 Apr 2018

EUA publishes Big Deals Survey report

The European Universities Association (EUA) EUA has published its first Big Deals Survey Report. The report, published on 10 April 2018, is based on an initiative pursued by the association to gather more information about large scientific publishing contracts from the perspective of universities (known as ‘Big Deals’).

The report presents data from 28 negotiating consortia. The data was gathered between July 2016 and June 2017, and was anonymised and aggregated, thus respecting the confidential nature of the information provided by respondents. The survey focused on the functions and working process of consortia, as well as on the conditions of contracts for big deals concerning scientific periodicals, databases and e-books.

The results of the survey show that consortia broadly represent the interests of relevant stakeholders from the university and library sectors and are largely driven by researchers’ needs. They also show the magnitude of spending in big deal contracts with scientific publishers, albeit with stark variations in the expenditure on big deal contracts across different European countries. In addition, the results show that university leadership is only directly involved in the negotiation process with publishers in about one-third of consortia, while funding for these contracts comes largely from the university and public sectors.

A second edition of the survey will be launched shortly.

For more information:

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EUA Big Deals Survey Report: The first mapping of major scientific publishing contracts in Europe

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