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06 Apr 2018

269 researchers receive ERC Advanced Grants

On 6 April 2018, the European Research Council announced the beneficiaries of the Horizon 2020 Advanced Grant call 2017. This type of EU funding is worth a total of €653 million and will benefit 269 senior researchers across Europe. The successful researchers will receive up to €2.5 million per grant. The research of these new grantees covers all fields of scholarship.

Researchers of 27 nationalities received funding, with British (50), German (40), French (29) and Spanish (18) researchers being the most numerous. The grantees will carry out their projects at universities and research centres in 20 countries across the European Research Area, with the United Kingdom (66 grants), Germany (42) and France (34) as leading locations. Austria will host 7 advanced grant holders.

BAIER Gottfried (Medical University of Innsbruck)
EDELSBRUNNER Herbert (Institute of Science and Technology Austria)
HAGEL Stefan (Austrian Academy of Sciences)
NÄGERL Hanns-Christoph (University of Innsbruck)
NORDBORG Magnus (Gregor Mendel Institute, OEAW)
TRAJANOSKI Zlatko (Medical University of Innsbruck)
VILLUNGER Andreas (Medical University of Innsbruck)

ERC Press release

List of selected researchers

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