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04 Apr 2018

EUA welcomes mission-oriented research & innovation in FP9

The EUA has published its response to the call for feedback on the recently published report by Professor Mariana Mazzucato on mission-oriented research and innovation in the EU.  

According to EUA, mission-oriented research and innovation can provide a crucial link between the grand challenges of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the multidisciplinary research and innovation knowledge needed to tackle them. The paper underlines that EU investment in research and innovation is necessary to achieve these goals, in line with the general plea for a doubling of the budget for FP9, as argued in a recent joint statement by EUA and other university networks.

The paper flags six recommendations and opportunities for mission-oriented research and innovation in the next Framework Programme, namely striking a balance between direction and experimentation; implementing missions in a multi-level governance system; putting responsible, collaborative and multidisciplinary research at the centre of missions; strengthening the links between education, research and innovation; attracting and retaining talent, including identifying and supporting qualified scholars among the influx of refugees and migrants in Europe; and balancing short- and long-term goals with long-term benefits of missions post-2027.

EUA Response

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