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28 Mar 2018

EARTO makes recommendations for FP9 Rules for Participation

EARTO has published suggestions for the elaboration of FP9 Rules for Participation, with the aim of improving the management and efficiency of the Framework Programme. According to EARTO, FP9 Rules for Participation should be set up to support collaboration across a variety of RD&I actors. Excellent cross-border collaborative research should continue to be fostered within FP9 as an indispensable element of the European RD&I ecosystem to have real impact on job creation and economic growth. To do so, EARTO members recommend to further reflect the beneficiaries’ accounting practices and cost categories. The flat rate approach should be improved to better reflect the real costs of RTOs (increase flat rate covering indirect costs, allow & simplify the claims of infrastructure costs, allow reasonable allocation keys in the calculation of direct costs). EARTO would prefer to carry out a thorough evaluation of the lump-sum approach prior to any expansion. In addition, measures for ex-ante assurance and legal certainty should be further improved. The paper also recommends reducing the audit burden to further simplify the FP, and providing one single set of rules aligned on the FP rules for every programme performed with EU funding.

Read the full paper here.

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