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22 Mar 2018

Widening participation: Lessons learned on attracting qualified R&D staff

A report has been published as the outcome of a Mutual Learning Exercise (MLE) on National Practices in Widening Participation and Strengthening Synergies. The report provides lessons learned from the MLE devoted to widening participation in the Framework Programme (FP), and enhancing synergies between FP and ESIF. The focus of this report is on national-level strategies, initiatives, programmes and schemes targeting the attraction of qualified R&D staff working abroad (within or outside the EU) into national research performing organisations from the public and private research sectors. The topic also includes outgoing mobility schemes for national researchers. The conclusions are as follows:

  • The principal action by governments to promote brains mobility is to act towards improving effectiveness of research and innovation ecosystems
  • Countries with less attractive R&D systems can use ESIF to build incentives for attracting researchers
  • Countries should work out a balanced mix of mobility incentives, in line with the main features of their research and innovation system
  • Both financial and non-financial ‘soft’ and regulatory measures should be combined to support brain mobility
  • More attention should be paid to mobility from/to the private sector
  • Mobility schemes would benefit from more policy intelligence: better evidence base on mobility drivers and barriers and on mobility schemes’ effectiveness.

The report can be downloaded here.



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