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22 Mar 2018

ERC Proof of Concept scheme highly recognised

Since 2011, the ERC has awarded top-up Proof of Concept (PoC) grants in addition to its ERC grants. The scheme supports ERC-funded scientists in setting up new companies, filing patent applications, or in attracting capital in order to make their research marketable, all in order to support the grantees in bringing their frontier research closer to the development phase.

Independent experts have now carried out the first review of the ERC's innovation scheme, which praises the PoC as being "sound in concept and effective in practice". A survey created for this assessment for example states that 20 percent of the respondíng PoC grantees created a company, and 42 percent of this group filed at least one patent application. Overall, the report underlines the support for ERC grantees under the innovation scheme and the great effect of the PoC, as it encourages the PoC participants to explore their breakthroughs, and to bring them to the market. The President of the ERC, Prof. Jean-Pierre Bourguignon adds that the innovation scheme "has not only brought about greater openness to exploring the innovation potential of blue sky science, but also already triggered tangible results on the basis of which the economy can be invigorated and quality of life improved.”

The full report can be found here, a press release of the ERC is available here.

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