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22 Mar 2018

Policy Support Facility publishes report on Latvia

Horizon 2020 Policy Support Facility experts have reported on Latvia’s research funding system, and the governance, policies and practices needed to drive innovation, economic development and growth. According to the report, Latvia needs to raise its overall R&D spending, more private-sector investment is seen as particularly urgent to boost growth and new skilled jobs. To reach its true research and innovation potential, it needs to anticipate medium to long-term solutions to reduce dependence on EU budgets. While the latest European Innovation Scoreboard ranks Latvia as a “moderate innovator” and there are signs of growing internationalisation and advances in production, more work is needed to increase the size and quality of the research effort, stimulate research-industry links and industrial innovation, and boost Riga’s nascent start-up community. The report states that total public funding for research in 2017 was € 73 million; half of this came from EU Structural Funds. Most of the national contribution was spent through institutional funding, leaving rather little scope for competitive, project-based programmes.

The full report can be downloaded here and a summary is available here.

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