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08 Mar 2018

Commission presents European Semester Country Reports

On 7 March 2018, the European Commission presented the European Semester Winter Package. The package includes 27 Country Reports (for all Member States except Greece, which is under a stability support programme), the annual analysis by Commission staff on the economic and social situation in Member States, and progress made in implementing Country-Specific Recommendations over the years.

For Austria, the report says that the country is investing heavily in research and innovation, but has not yet managed to overcome the stagnation in total factor productivity. Strengthening science-business links and supporting knowledge-intensive sectors therefore remain important. Austria’s eco-system for starting - and, even more so for scaling-up - innovative businesses remains a policy challenge. Apart from regulatory barriers, the lack of later-stage funding options, such as venture capital, plays a role, as well as skill shortages in some professions.

The Winter Semester Package is part of the annual cycle of policy coordination at EU level, the European Semester. It follows the publication in November of the 2018 Annual Growth Survey and the euro area recommendation, which set the priorities for the year ahead at European level. It now shifts the attention to the national dimension of the European Semester.

Country Report Austria

EC Press Release

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