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28 Feb 2018

DG Smits about to become Open Access envoy at EPSC

The European Commission (EC) has announced on Twitter today that EC President Juncker appoints Robert-Jan Smits as Open Access envoy based at the European Political Strategy Centre (EPSC) with the task to propose concrete policy recommendations to ensure that all publicly funded scientific publications are available in Open Access by 2020. Robert-Jan Smits has been Director-General for Research at the European Commission for the last eight years and is about to hand over his post to the new Director-General Jean-Eric Paquet on 1 April 2018.

Mr. Smits has shared his parting thoughts and talked about his successes and disappointments as Director-General for Research in an interview with "Nature", published on 27 February 2018. Dutch national Robert-Jan Smits is regarded as a key architect of Horizon 2020 and has also shaped the preparations for FP9 up to now. In the "Nature" interview, he talks about which of his achievements as Director-General he regards as particularly successful, what he is most disappointed about, what the new FP will look like, including the issues of defence research, which plans there are to support research in the poorer Member States, what he regards as his significant steps in influencing the research-and-development culture throughout the Commission, and about his own plans for the future.

To read the interview with Mr. Smits, please click here.

Photo: by European Commission

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