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27 Feb 2018

RISE High Level Group provides input on mission-oriented approach to R&I

RISE, the Research, Innovation and Science Expert high-level group advising the European Commissioner for Research and Innovation, Carlos Moedas has been asked to provide policy insights on mission-oriented research and innovation policy at EU level. According to the RISE group's paper, Europe starts in a good place for implementing a mission-oriented policy approach with large-scale historical successes in areas such as space (ESA) and aircraft production (Airbus) demonstrating what can be achieved with sufficient drive, leadership and broad-based commitment.

The group concludes that missions have their origin in wider challenges but are distinguishable as a specific package of actions that makes defined progress against the challenge with verifiable objectives on a planned timescale. In focusing the challenge to a level of granularity that is addressable by a mission, it is essential to keep traceability to the original challenge that connects to citizens’ aspirations. In terms of citizen engagement, RISE recommends to actively involve them in the design of a mission. This would be preferable to polling or social dialogue. Engagement by co-design for a mission requires converging engagement around a basic proposal put forward by policymakers. The public role is one of ‘texturing’ the mission (‘IKEA effect"). Digital technologies and social games offer innovative ways to structure this engagement.

The policy brief can be downloaded here.


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