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26 Feb 2018

EARTO publishes new paper on European Innovation Hubs

In the context of the discussions on the future European Framework Programme for Research & Innovation, EARTO, the European Association of Research and Technology Organisations, has published a new paper on European Innovation Hubs – "An Ecosystem Approach to Accelerate the Uptake of Innovation in Key Enabling Technologies". 

According to EARTO, FP9 should build on Horizon 2020’s efforts and be even more strongly based on an ecosystem approach, boosting collaboration and co-creation, focussing on the orchestration of Europe’s innovation hubs along key industrial value chains. The recently published paper aims to bring further inputs, explaining how innovation hubs work today and the role RTOs play as orchestrators and integrators of those hubs. It also gives 3 main recommendations for future EU RD&I policy as follows:

  • Design a strong EU cross-border collaborative programme in FP9, building on the concept of innovation hubs linked to key industrial value chains to promote a competitive RD&I ecosystem strengthening European Industries’ capacities to further absorb and scale up the technologies matured into new products and services, maximising FP9’s impact for society.
  • Develop a pan-European strategy to strengthen and foster the development of European innovation hubs, creating synergies and alignment between the existing European, national and regional strategies, giving RTOs a clear mandate to drive the development of innovation hubs along key industrial value chains, and strengthening a consistent mixed-funding schemes at European, National and Regional levels for those hubs.
  • Within Innovation Hubs, ensure the long-term sustainability of the Technology Infrastructures managed by competence centres with a strategic approach based on Industry’s needs.

The EARTO Paper can be downloaded here


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