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26 Feb 2018

EC launches €10 million EIC Horizon 2020 Prize for innovative batteries for electric vehicles

Following the announcement of a new Horizon 2020 Prize on Friday, 23 February 2018, the European Commission (EC) has now formally launched launched the fifth of six European Innovation Council (EIC) Horizon Prizes, on Innovative batteries for eVehicles, worth €10 million. The EIC Horizon Prizes are part of the first phase of the European Innovation Council under Horizon 2020, the EU's Research and Innovation Framework Programme.

The prize will be awarded for the development of a prototype battery that can power an electric vehicle with similar performance in terms of range and charging time as a conventional petrol/diesel powered small family vehicle. The battery should also be of relatively low cost, durable, safe and fully recyclable. The Prize aims to tackle the challenge of the slow uptake of zero emission electric vehicles so far, mainly due to the limitations of existing batteries, which are expensive and have limited ranges and long recharging times.

The Prize will contribute to the objectives of the Commission’s Clean Mobility Package, which aims to reduce CO2 emissions, boost deployment of clean vehicles and foster an integrated industrial policy on batteries that will be invented and produced in the EU. To ensure such competitive, independent and innovative battery manufacturing, the Commission has initiated an EU battery alliance bringing together industry, the innovation community and Member States.  

The deadline to apply to the EIC Horizon Prize on Innovative batteries for eVehicles is 17 December 2020. More information, including the Rules of Contest, is available on the EIC website.

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