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26 Feb 2018

HLG on Industrial Technologies publishes preliminary report on KETs and proposes missions

In September 2017, the European Commission (EC) set up a High-Level Strategy Group on Industrial Technologies. Its task was to review the European strategy on Key Enabling Technologies (KETs), and to make recommendations on how they can be placed in a mission-oriented FP9. The High-level Group published its preliminary report "Re-Finding Industry" on 23 February 2018. The final report is expected in April 2018.

The preliminary report highlights the economic importance of KETs and suggests a new, broader definition of KETs, based on the criteria impact, relevance, key capacity, and enabling power. The High-Level Group recommends:

  • confirming the existing six KETs while merging four of them into two broader categories (materials and nanotechnology, photonics and micro- and nano-electronics);
  • broadening the KET ‘biotechnology’ to ‘Life Sciences technologies’;
  • adding two new main fields, namely artificial intelligence, and digital security and connectivity

In addition, the preliminary report suggests a list of 14 "missions" for future EU R&I investments. The HLG states that mission-oriented policy should focus on multi- and cross-sectional technologies and multilateral efforts and proposes the following missions:

  1. An inclusive democratic society
  2. Industry renewal
  3. Digitalisation as a European jobs engine
  4. Transforming thoughts into action – the new internet
  5. Circular economy – shift to de-production and re-production
  6. Clean and safe mobility - re-founding car industries
  7. Carbon re-use - from climate killer to industry asset
  8. Energy independence - affordable renewables
  9. European healthcare networks - breakthrough in disease prevention and treatment
  10. Bio manufacturing – bringing life to manufacturing
  11. Re-inventing food production - sustainability and traceability
  12. Biodiversity – saving bees and other pollinators
  13. Oceans of drinking water – starting with affordable desalination
  14. Bouncing back – making Europe's society more resilient

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