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22 Feb 2018

PSF publishes report on Latvian research funding system

The Horizon 2020 Policy Support Facility has published a report on "The Latvian Research Funding System" on the Research and Innovation Observatory Website. The report  was produced at the request of the Latvian authorities by an expert panel funded under the European Commission's (DG RTD) Policy Support Facility. It reviews Latvia’s existing funding allocation systems and processes and proposes improvements based on best practice, including an overall institutional/organisational structure for managing the funding system, tailored to the specificities of the Latvian situation. The study was carried out by a panel of experts, under the Horizon 2020 Policy Support Facility, based on document analysis and interviews with key stakeholders conducted during visits to Latvia in 2017. 

The expert team has identified the following five key policy messages:

  1. Funding for research and innovation should increase, especially from national sources.

  2. The structure and governance of state organisations should be streamlined to meet national needs.

  3. Higher education structure and governance should further be modernised.

  4. Competitively-won research funding should increase, in order to meet national needs.

  5. Investment by private and public businesses in innovation should be increased and broadened.

To download the report from the RIO website, click here.





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