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08 Feb 2018

ESFRI publishes report on innovation-oriented cooperation of research infrastructures

ESFRI, the European Strategy Forum for Research Infrastructures, published the third volume of the ESFRI Scripta series on 7 February 2018. The publication is built on the outcomes of the ad hoc Working Group on Innovation as approved by the ESFRI in March 2016 and deals with "Innovation-oriented Cooperation of Research Infrastructures".

The volume describes the different forms of industry and research infrastructure collaboration that generate innovation: industry as supplier for the construction / upgrade of the RIs, being instructed and guided in developing new technologies or production protocols; industry as partner of RIs and industry as user exploiting the specific dedicated access modes as well as through the academic access supported by research grants. It is focused on the main objectives which were defined by the Forum – see the Terms of Reference of the Working Group on Innovation – INNO WG – namely to contribute to the development of a strategy aimed to strengthen and improve the relations between Research Infrastructures and Industry and to promote the potential for innovation of Research Infrastructures in all its aspects. All sections of the report are concentrated on these issues. Examples of good practices are given in the boxes.

A set of conclusions and recommendations has been drawn to the attention of Research Infrastructures managers and ESFRI in the perspective of the further implementation of the ESFRI Roadmap. The group held 8 meetings in which representatives of the various categories of stakeholders were successively invited to participate and to present their experiences, needs and expectations.

ESFRI Report "Innovation-oriented Cooperation of Research Infrastructures"


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