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07 Feb 2018

EP makes recommendations on clean energy innovation

At its plenary session on 6 February 2018, the European Parliament (EP) adopted a series of non-legislative recommendations drafted by the ITRE committee to “advance clean energy innovation”. The vote was adopted by 559 votes to 63 and 43 abstentions.

MEPs stressed the fact that boosting energy innovation requires citizens’ active participation and a long-term vision on how to allocate resources. Citizens should be agents of change, not subject to it. This would require systemic education and engagement schemes to help European citizens change their mind-set and understand how they can innovate and use digital tools to produce, consume, and preserve more sustainable and cleaner energy.

In this context, MEPs again called for a substantial increase of the next research and development budget, with an increase of at least 50% for financing low-emission energy projects, and support for initiatives that involve cities and local administrations. MEPs also added that public procurement can be a driver for innovation, as well as an incentive for more sustainable growth.

As a third point, the MEPs stated that the EU should explore different ways to assist developing countries and emerging economies in their energy transitions, and should design an export strategy for sustainable, clean energy technologies and solutions for itself, while making the patent registration procedures at the European and national level easier and more accessible.

The EP's non-binding report was drafted following the Commission’s Communication on “Accelerating Clean Energy Innovation”, which is part of the Clean Energy Package launched by the European Commission in November 2016, crucial for completing the Energy Union, one of the key priorities of the Juncker Commission.

For more information:

EP press release

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