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07 Feb 2018

MLE on Performance-based Research Funding Systems publishes reports

The European Commission (EC) has published several reports of the Mutual Learning Exercise (MLE) on Performance-based Research Funding Systems (PRFS) on its Research and Innovation Observatory (RIO) website.

The Modus Operandi provides an overview of the scope, objectives, time schedule and work distribution of the MLE.

The Thematic Report No 1 - PRFS Design - Policies and Ambitions sets the overall framework for the discussions in this MLE, looking at the overall public funding system for research, and investigates the role and importance of the policy objectives that govern the design of a PRFS and its two components, i.e. the assessment process and the funding formulae. The report also gives an overview of the key design parameters that define a PRFS and the design options available for policy-makers. For the evaluation component, these are the model to use for the assessment, the scope of research activity included, the indicators and assessment criteria, and the granularity and periodicity.

The Thematic Report No 2 - Bibliometrics in PRFS focuses on the use of bibliometrics and similar data and methods in relation to such funding systems. The key questions of this report are how bibliometrics is used directly or indirectly in the funding system, the indicators and data sources used, and the degree to which bibliometric indicators or bibliometric information influence funding allocation.

The Thematic Report No 3 - Peer review in PRFS focuses on the use of peer review in the context of PRFS. It aims to support discussion and mutual learning among the participating countries on different aspects, issues and questions related to peer review-based assessment systems. The scope of this paper is peer review systems that are not directly linked to evaluations aimed at funding distribution but nevertheless form an important part of the national assessment culture.

The Thematic Report No 4 - Third-stream metrics in PRFS focuses on the use of or demand for third stream metrics in the context of PRFS. The intention is to support discussion and mutual learning on different aspects, issues and questions related with third stream metrics and their use in evaluation systems. Currently, only a few countries in the world have experience with third stream metrics as a routine element in their evaluation systems. Nevertheless, the increasing importance that policy makers attribute to the relevance of research for societal problems has led to a rising interest and demand for knowledge and practical guidelines for the design of such metrics.

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