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20 Dec 2017

France's preliminary position on FP9 available

The French authorities have provided an English translation of their preliminary position on the 9th Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (FP9), which was published in its French original on 1 December 2017. France states that the Framework Programme is at the core of the European Union's priority ambition and therefore requests the Commission to propose a firm commitment to the programme after 2020, by consolidating the principles of excellence and cooperation that represent its European added value.

According to the paper, the principle of allocating FP funding on the basis of excellence and impact must be maintained. There must be improved synergy and complementarity with other EU sectoral policies, which also support research and innovation  activities. The next framework programme should also be as inclusive and open as necessary.

The French authorities would like the architecture of the Framework Programme adopted for Horizon 2020 to be broadly maintained under FP9, in particular the ERC. The idea of refocusing certain EU R&I actions in the form of “missions” should be explored in more depth, provided that these are jointly elaborated by the Member States and the Commission, as regards both the choice of missions supported and the means of attaining the targets set, particularly via partnership instruments.

France's preliminary position on FP9 (Summary in English)

Position préliminaire de la France sur le 9ème PCRI (Full version in French)

A collection of input papers can be found here.


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